GRAND OPENING of The Mitford Museum!

Mitford is at home in Hudson.


Where it’s all Mitford, all the time.


You’ll find eight fabulous Mitford t-shirts in popular styles and colors; Mitford character ornaments for your Christmas tree; fridge magnets; Barnabas and Violet throw pillows, place mats, and mugs; snowmen salt and pepper shakers; tea towels with favorite Mitford quotes; totally charming aprons; a wisteria-scented Cynthia candle—let me catch my breath here—the favorite soaps of Father Tim, Lace, Puny and Louella; Miss Sadie’s dusting powder; piggy banks from To Be Where You Are; bookmarks; the beloved Mitford map on ceramic tiles and wall art and—can you believe it?—more.

Online shopping available soon.


Interested In Coming to the Grand Opening?

The information you  need is posted above. Use to ensure you get good seat selection for each day’s events. However, if you have other questions, you may fill out this email form and ask for more information. We hope to see you in October!

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