Where the Past Meets the Future

An 80-year-old, former school campus has been transformed by the Town of Hudson into a 21st century hub for business development and artistic creation and enjoyment. The Town chose to blend the past with the present as they envisioned the future for residents and visitors. We invite you to visit HUB Station – former Hudson School – a classical structure and repurposed treasure celebrating the vitality of community through arts and business.

The HUB Station Arts Center

Janice Woodie, Manager 
Mitford Museum.  Artsy Retail.  Artist Studios.  Event Venues.  Theater.        Visual and Performing Arts Lessons. Red Awning Gallery.

HUB Station Small Business Center

Janice Woodie, Manager
Carmela Tomlinson, CCC&TI SBC Director
Business Offices. Entrepreneur Space and Support. CCC&TI Small Business Center. Mentoring. Envision – Plan – Execute – Launch.

The HUB Station in Hudson, NC, is a unique destination

that houses two key centers for community creativity –

HUB Station Arts Center

dedicated to arts appreciation and development –  

HUB Station Business Center

for entrepreneurship development.


Both buildings are ready for occupancy and visitors.

  Fill up at HUB Station. Fill up on the best advice and support for business startup in the Business Center – and fill up on performing arts, other art media, and artists at work in their own studios in the Arts Center.

 Lease space for an entrepreneurial venture or an artist studio. Lease venues – large and small – for your own special events. Be entertained. Be educated. Be immersed in the dynamic duo of business and the arts that combine to propel a community into creative placemaking that attracts locals and visitors.

HUB Station is the center of economic development and culture in The Town of Hudson, NC. An updated former school for the community has been re-envisioned and renewed as the center of greater community life. With the addition of The Mitford Museum, its purpose is extending far beyond small-town boundaries.

Local connections. Regional reach. Anchored in history. Reflecting the future.

Home of author Jan Karon’s The Mitford Museum. In her words, “Mitford will soon be at home in Hudson.”

HUB Station – filled with spaces to create business futures and art pieces . . . to discover the artist in each of us . . .  to create community among people who love the challenge of building a business or creating a piece of art. Opportunities abound to expand your own knowledge base and creativity. Come see us and FILL UP.

EVENTS @ The HUB Station

DONORS’ RECEPTION – June 19, 3-7 p.m.

5K Run & Cornhole Tourney – August 7 Chairmen of the Board concert & dance

ARTS FESTIVAL – August 14 

Mitford Museum GRAND OPENING Weekend – October 1-3, 2021 ! Ticketed

Puddingstone Concert, Oct. 1 – 7:30 pm – ticketed

“Welcome to Mitford” theater production – Sept. 24 and 25 – 7:30 pm – ticketed

“Welcome to Mitford” theater production – Oct. 2nd-7:30 pm; Oct. 3rd-3:00 pm; ticketed