The Loom Room.

Fiber Art-Makers. Weavers. Potholders and Wall Art.

 Does Weaving Loom in Your Future?

  At HUB Station Arts Center, we think it might.

We have a room dedicated to the craftsmanship and art of weaving – from large textile looms to handheld.

Sattler Corporation joins us in sponsoring this space so that we can all enjoy the art of weaving, of creating rugs, potholders, throws, wall art – all sorts of things.

We have fiber artists in the Western NC Society of Artisans and within the region who will teach individuals and small groups the craft of using fiber and looms to create.

Check the Schedule of Classes on our website for beginning classes in fall 2021 – or fill out the email form below to request the chance to enjoy a class in THE LOOM ROOM!

Join others at HUB Station Arts Center to learn how to weave your life’s tapestry in new ways – including fiber art! Add a craft to your resume!


Beverly Milhelich, member of the WNC Society of Artisans, is an onsite studio artist with multiple specialties, including fiber art-making.

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Interested in a Weaving or Fiber-Art Class?

For information, send this email or call 828-726-8871. Weave your own future by learning an artisan’s craft at HUB Station Arts Center!

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