The Mitford Museum

Enter Jan Karon's Mitford. Her Childhood. Her Inspiration.

   There’s a Longing for Mitford

in All of Us –

  HUB Station welcomes Jan Karon!

Small-Town Living – like life in Hudson.  Seeing people we know – like the Mayor, the Police Chief, our Pastor and his wife, and other “local personalities.”  Close-knit relationships and faith that sustains us.

  JAN KARON BUILT THAT MITFORD FOR US IN WORDS. She enjoyed her childhood in Hudson.  Now she’s creating a museum here to remind us all about what mattered in Mitford, what mattered in her childhood, and what really matters in life.

  GRAND OPENING of The Mitford Museum is scheduled for the weekend of October 1-3, 2021!Tickets will go on sale August 2nd on  Jan will also inform her fans of all important details on her Facebook page and The Mitford Museum site. 

HUB Station is excited about hosting Jan Karon and her legacy in our Arts Center.

Mitford will soon be at home in Hudson!


Interested In Visiting The Mitford Museum - when it opens?

It’s a fascinating, enchanting place, still being created. For information about the museum, call 828-726-8871 or fill out and submit the email form to the right. We will share what we know – and send other queries to the museum’s Executive Director or direct you to the website for The Mitford Museum.

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