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 Partner in HUB Station’s Success

  The Town of Hudson chose to ask Caldwell Community College leadership to join us in our goal to stimulate economic development and support entrepreneurs at HUB Station.

  The CCC&TI Small Business Center anchors our efforts with business leaders and fledgling entrepreneurs.

 The Center provides counseling to anyone in the area embarking on an entrepreneurial business endeavor. It also works with artists – our other half – to help them know how to create and market the business element of their artistry. In the words of one of the artists who recently met with the SBC Director, “I can smile again. I have a list of five steps to take, and I am confident now that our small business can make it.” That’s high praise for the SBC.

The SBC Director also coordinates professional development sessions for entrepreneurs onsite that choose to be part of the Station’s collaborative business environment – The EDGE. “Entrepreneurial Development and Group Engagement” is a space for several entrepreneurs to have an office and conference room together, making it more affordable.

 The EDGE is available for leasing now.

Contact Addie Cardwell, HUB Station Director,             at 828-726-8871.

We are grateful to CCC&TI for their partnership in HUB Station’s Business Center.


Carmela Tomlinson, owner of Paragon Design marketing, is the Director of the CCC&TI Business Center. Having been an entrepreneur herself over a decade ago, she understands the challenges of business startup and the needs of new startups who come to her for help at HUB Station’s Business Center. Contact Carmela at 828-726-3065.

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Want to learn more about the CCC&TI SBC and its services?

Contact Carmela Tomlinson, Director, at 828-726-3065 or email her at We are ready to help entrepreneurs who choose our HUB Station site to lease startup space!

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